Beauty, According To Tradition


Values Contained In A Symbol



Nothing ever happens by chance.
The destiny of the DESMO bag comes from research
and creativity and from the skilful hands of a true artisan.
It has already been decided upon and enters your heart.



Have you ever fallen in love with a handbag?
The desire to possess the unique thing,
that completes your style and highlights your personality,
is irresistible because you already love it.



DESMO style is inspired by beauty itself
and everything that gives pleasant emotions:
travelling, listening to good music, visiting museums
and experiencing art in all its forms, family,
friendship, things that fill your heart with joy
and lift up your spirit enhancing the creativity.



All DESMO bags are exclusively Made in Italy,
even more, Made in Tuscany.
They are made with top quality materials
as finest leather and original accessories.
All bags are crafted by skilful hands of experts
giving them the highest quality
that only few companies can boast.